Established in 1929 by two brothers, Landesman Bros. prides itself on over seventy years of service in the shoe industry. The two brothers, Lou and Paul, launched their business with both their own savings, and money borrowed from family members. A small warehouse at 10 Jacobs Street provided the first quarters for their fledgling enterprise.

The company outgrew the Jacobs Street warehouse, and in 1934 moved to a facility at 10 Ferry Street. The new warehouse
provided 15,000 square feet of space.  Both Lou and Paul had experience in the  business, and their expertise was paying off as was evident by the growth of the company.

In 1941 Landesman Bros. established a relationship with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Lou Landesman wanted “to handle a prestige line,” and Goodyear was looking for an efficient way to distribute products in the New York Area. Landesman Bros. became the only distributor for Goodyear’s Shoe Products Division. The growth of the company brought the need for larger facilities. A larger building at 38 Spruce Street served the company’s needs for several years, but another move to 79 Walker Street brought Landesman Bros. to a warehouse eight times the size of the original Jacobs Street location. Lou used to say that he was serving the best market in the country for shoe repair, citing that New Yorkers did more walking than people of other cities.

Landesman Bros. left lower Manhattan and has enjoyed its current Long Island, New York location for many years. In addition to a continued relationship with Goodyear, Landesman also represents over 150 different manufacturers, equaling thousands of products. Known worldwide, the company is now under the leadership of Roberta Diamond. She is the granddaughter of founder Lou Landesman. Continuing the family tradition of “moving with the times,” Roberta is introducing a full orthopedics and orthotics line this year. She also welcomes you to Landesman Bros. Inc.!

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